Moving Day


So I’m a little sad about it, but moving day has arrived. The new look Née Say has been launched over here over at

Please pop over and say hi!!


Thank you! And you! And you…

Today my humble little blog got a Christmas present of it’s very own!  The lovely Jodi at Lipgloss Mumma awarded Née Say with a Liebster Award!

To say I was stoked is an understatement. It’s so lovely to be acknowledged by your peers in any arena and I’m especially honoured that a blogger who I read religiously bestowed this award to little ole me 🙂 Please go visit Jodi and say hello!

Anyway, on with the show! The Liebster (meaning meaning ‘dearest’ in German) is an award given to inspirational bloggers with less than 200 followers.

The rules for the Liebster Award are as follows:

1. Thank the giver and link back to the blogger who gave it you.

2. Reveal your five blogger picks and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.

3. Copy and paste the award on your blog.

4. Hope that people you have sent the award to forward it on to their favourite bloggers.

So here are my five picks:


CRAP Mamma 

Daisy Roo and Two

Mixed Gems

Naomi Hart

These wonderful blogs are sure to provide you with some great holiday reading.

While I’m about the business of dishing out acknowledgment and thanks, I’d like to thank all of you for your support and wonderful comments over the last 12 months. I’ve met some wonderful new friends through blogging and have been shown unwavering support by lots of long time non-bloggy friends who let me invade their in boxes a couple of times a week with my rants and ramblings. I really do appreciate you all.

Wishing you a very merry & safe Christmas from the menagerie & me.

An open letter to my blog

To my beloved blog,

I am ever so sorry I have been neglecting you of late. I know my posts have been haphazard and a little under par. I know I haven’t pimped you as much as I should, nor have I been shouting your short links from the rooftops.

Life has been busy, you see. My mind, a little distracted. However, you may rest assured my iPhone notes are bulging with drafts and ideas and plans for you.

We will be moving soon, after all!  We’ve taken out a lease and we just need to get settled into our new domain with a little make over.  You know what it’s like doing renovations, you are always at the mercy of the tradies and we must be patient.

Once you are all spruced up, we’ll be back into the swing of things. I know it’s difficult watching so many other blogs get prettied up around you, but never fear, your time will come. Then our friends will love to visit you even more and maybe we’ll even be able to say thank you with a give away or two!

Patience is a virtue, my dearest, but since you are merely a reflection of myself, I know you have limited quantities of the elusive stuff in your possession.

I promise you, a new year will bring a new look and a new adventure.





PS. By way of apology, I’ve linked you up with Where’s My Glow for Flog Yo Blog Friday!

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Grateful for friends & bloggers & friendly bloggers


Recently, the lovely Maxabella  posted about the friends you never have time to see. This struck such a chord with me as I’m constantly having to change or cancel plans to catch up with friends because, well frankly, life always gets in the way.

I’m grateful that most of my friends are in the same boat (and that they are very patient!) and I’m excited that for the next few weeks while I’m on holidays I’m fully booked with overdue catch ups. It’s a priority of mine that’s long been overlooked and I’m grateful for this opportunity to make amends.

Maxabella’s isn’t the only blog post that has rung true for me lately. Obviously, so many of the wonderful blogs I follow are on the same page as me (hence why I follow!) but recently there have been a couple of posts that have really resonated, like this one about personal expectations of motherhood by Imperfect Mum and this post about blogging by Becky @ . I’m so grateful for these women who bear their souls to the world. Especially grateful to have someone to relate to.

And finally, I’m grateful that there are so many wonderful bloggers out there who are open and friendly. The social media arena can be lonely, daunting and quite overwhelming at times but there are always those who are warm, inclusive and willing to help. I hope you know who you are and how much you are appreciated!!

Linking up with Maxabella Loves

Do you find it difficult to find time to catch up with old friends?




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Grateful for Luck, Love and Little Heroes


Grateful for Luck

Late last week I was trawling through twitter while having a break at work (god bless the iPhone) and I stumbled across a tweet about a giveaway for free blog hosting.  How serendipitous since I had just made the decision to move my blog to a hosted site.  I had the good fortune of winning that giveaway and was pleased as punch.  Later that evening I entered another, even more generous giveaway with the same service for a complete blogging package – hosting, domain,  design, Facebook page.  I admit I was being greedy trying my luck twice, but I thought what the heck!



Grateful for Love

To be in the running for this amazing prize, I had to rally my friends to like, tweet and comment about me to get additional entries. Friends who read my blog commented, friends who probably had no idea I blogged commented and, of course, other lovely bloggers commented. I was a bit overwhelmed by all love and I’m extremely grateful, especially because it won me the competition!!

Grateful for Little Heroes

Of course, what (who) I’m most grateful for this week is Michelle from Little Hero Hosting & Designs, without whom none of this would have been possible. Her generous birthday giveaways have made me a very, very grateful little blogger and have shown me how lucky I am and how much I am loved. I’m really looking forward to working with her to create a new space for Nee Say.

So tell me, have you ever won anything amazing?

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Things I Know


It’s been chaos and mayhem as usual for the menagerie and me of late. Here are a bunch of random things I know this week:

I know that a sure-fire way to guarantee a Mt Vesuvius size eruption on your face is to be the facilitator for a training workshop involving a dozen or so buff police officers.


Was very tempted to wear one of these - with a top on as well of course.

I know that the two separate Garnier packs I scored from Brand Meets Blog and Good Googs  this week will help me banish (or at least conceal) aforementioned pimple and reduce future embarrassment.

I know the only way to get my kids to sleep-in is the necessity to be somewhere early.

I know that nothing is going to give me grey hairs quicker than the night terror/asthma attack combo Bam Bam is running at the moment.

I know we desperately need an asthma management plan.

I know I must avoid the temptation for us to live off chicken nuggets and Vegemite toast for 5 days while The Man is in Sydney over the weekend. He is usually my nutritional conscience. Must lose weight!

I know I’m one more week closer to holidays and Melbourne!!!

I know I need to write some lists (oh how I love lists) of all the jobs I need to get done around here while on holidays and, more importantly, of what shopping I need to do.

I know I need to do some serious research via Fox in Flats and Styling You so I can make some fashion savvy purchases rather than my standard “jeans & tee” uniform.

I know I’m very excited to have won free blog hosting through Little Hero Hosting and I foresee some exciting things in the future for my humble little blog.  Watch this space!  Literally… please?

What do you know this week??

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SAHM vs Working Mum



Today is a rare day for me at home alone. I’m off work sick & the kidlets are at kindy/preschool.  I thought I would spend the day relaxing, sleeping, blogging and generally chilling out.  Instead I’ve mopped, vacuumed, attacked Mt Washmore (4 baskets folded & put away!), striped beds, cleaned out the fireplace, tidied the toy room and have plans for making some meals to freeze before popping to the shops and collecting the offspring.  Phew!  Doesn’t sound relaxing does it? But apart from still feeling pretty sick, I’m feeling fantastic about what I have been able to achieve without interruptions, kid’s snacks & meals to prepare and the general feeling of fatigue that usually accompanies my days at home with the children.

I work 3 days a week with the kids in care on these days. I’m so in awe of mum’s who work 5 days a week. I’m not sure how they achieve anything (or have any sanity left) however I know some wouldn’t have it any other way.

Today has made me question what my preference is. Being a stay at home mum (SAHM) or a working mum.   

Obviously I had time off when the boys were born but must say this was largely wasted on me for various reasons. I thought I would be organised. I thought I would be social. I thought I would be fulfilled. I was not. My post on Thursday will shed some further light on why…

After my first stint of maternity leave, I was keen to get back to work. In hindsight, I had never really disconnected from my work. I kept in touch with my colleagues regularly, knew what was happening and wanted to be involved again.  However, after I had been back a few months, I started to feel that I had robbed myself and my son of precious time together. This wasn’t altogether true, of course. We needed the money and the Wilful One was being cared for by his 2 grandma’s which has created wonderful relationship between him and them.  It was clear to me though that my priorities had changed.

My time off after Bam Bam’s birth was somewhat different. It was busier with 2 under 3 and even though I thought I knew what I was doing the second time round, a new baby always brings new challenges. And Bam Bam was (& is still) a very big challenge.  Even so, I wasn’t keen to go back to work but did after 13 months as The Man’s work prospects were already starting to look grim at that point.

It’s hard to believe I’ve been back 18 months. It’s difficult, as even though I like my job and am only there part-time, I find all I think about are the things I have to do at home.  When I’m at home I feel overwhelmed by the prospect of achieving these things with constant interruptions from little people. I feel guilty that I’m not spending as much time as I should playing and teaching them. I feel guilty that the house is always in a semi-state of chaos. I feel guilty for sneaking off to have a coffee and do some blogging. I HATE feeling guilty.

I think a craving for intellectual stimulation was a big factor in my “need to work” after having my first child. Now that I have my blog, I feel I have an outlet for that. So would if be different now if I was a full-time SAHM? Would I be organised, social and fulfilled? Would I feel guilty for not contributing to our family financially?

I know every mum faces these dilemmas. The work/family/life balance is not a new quandary by any stretch.

Ultimately, my ideal would be having a business I could run from home. One day this might happen.  But for now I must be content to have a secure part-time job with the guarantee of returning full-time if when I’m ready. Our babies are well cared for when I’m at work and have ample (much loved) home time. I know I am lucky to be in this position but boy am I looking forward to 5 weeks holidays in October so I can play SAHM a little more.

Tell me, what’s your ideal? SAHM, WAHM or working mum?





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Grateful for… rainy days and mother-in-laws (who’d have thought?)

This post was going to be all about how grateful I was for yesterday being a rainy day. I’m sick. Sinus infection. No fun at all. BUT a rainy day is the perfect excuse to bum around inside, being lazy and, well,  just being sick.

As the day started I was grateful for the telly – it was distracting the kids while I stole a  little extra shut eye.

When I managed to get up I gratefully consumed my body weight in raisin toast and coffee (working roughly on the feed a cold, starve a fever principle).

I was grateful for play dough (which I usually can’t stand in the house because it makes such a mess) because it kept the boys happily amused while I blogged.

I was gratefully reading some inspiring blog posts and so very grateful for the amazing response I got to yesterday’s post.

Then things started to go down hill.

I did not gratefully exclaim a few choice expletives when my mother-in-law unexpectedly arrived. I was not grateful that I hadn’t managed to get out of my PJ’s yet (it was 11am). I was not grateful that the kids had recreated the bombing of Hiroshima in the living room while I had slept in. Overall, I was a bit pissed off.

But then, I was grateful that my mother-in-law was sympathetic to me being sick, grateful she graciously ignored the bombsite, grateful she entertained the kids while I showered, and VERY grateful she cleaned up the play dough.

And in hindsight, I’m grateful she motivated me to get out of my PJ’s because it really did make me feel a whole lot better.

Don’t forget to visit the gorgeous Kymmie over at A Day in the Life of Us who is hosting  Maxabella loves… this week.

I know I’m socially dysfunctional

It’s Thursday so I’m playing along with Yay for Home except this week my “I know” post is more “things I want to know”.

I want to know…When did I become so socially inept?

I know I’m an extrovert by nature.

I know talking is what I do best.

I know I’ve never been part of the in-crowd per say, but I’ve always had plenty of friends, felt confident and comfortable in groups and managed to strike up conversations with randoms fairly easily.

I know something has changed. I can never say the right thing anymore. I get tongue-tied and things never come out the way I intend. All to frequently I find myself saying completely inappropriate stuff (especially at work) and am constantly apologising for my social ineptitude and looking for the closest rock to crawl under.


I know I’ve become the epitome of the social faux pas.

I know I suffer a constant case of “Mouth is open, should be closed”

I know the excuse of baby-brain is getting old. Sleep deprivation is no doubt a contributor, but these days to a lesser degree. So why am I so socially impaired? It’s getting to the point I want to avoid social situations. I feel anxious at the very prospect of interacting with people on anything more than a superficial level. Even family.

I know I must resist the temptation to become a hermit and only communicate with the outside world through social media, where I can consider and proofread my interactions before putting them out there.

I know this is the reason I’m drawn to blogging –  it’s one of the few social arenas where I can excercise any sort of filter. Draft, read, edit, reread, re-edit, reread, publish!!

What I really want to know is, has the process of having children killed off half my brain cells? Surely this can’t be the sole cause of my fall from the step stool of social grace, on which I was once precariously perched? Perhaps it is further evidence of the evil ‘D’ word about which I remain firmly in denial (someday I will muster the courage to post about it).

I want to know if I’ll ever be socially confident again…

Do you suffer from social anxiety? If so, how do you deal with it?