Cherish Your Cherubs: Record

I’m joining in with Seven Cherubs Cherish Your Cherubs Project for the next few weeks. Week 1 is Record. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now to capture my boys as they are now. I’ll print these out & put them in the boys’ memory boxes (hang in there – I’m afraid brevity isn’t my strong point)

William – The Wilful One

4 yrs 9 months, 112cm, 20.8kg

From day one you have been described as an old soul. It’s like you’ve been here before. You often say things way beyond your years.

You are bright, caring, energetic, compassionate, inquisitive, competitive and sometimes sulky. You love to make up games with complex rules. You often get put out if someone else wins or things don’t go your way.

You have an amazing memory. You are like a sponge, asking questions all the time, processing information then making connections. I love having conversations with you.

At the moment you want to be a scientist. You have always wanted to be a singer/rock star. You make up songs all the time and look forward to Kinda Dance at preschool every week. You want to learn to play the saxophone.

You love going to Grasshopper soccer and riding your big bike. You will be ready to ditch the training wheels soon.

You are friends with everyone at preschool but have a few close ones you play with all the time (mostly girls).

You talk a LOT!

You always insist on saying hello to people in the shops because “it’s polite”.

Your similes always make me giggle: “I’m so tired I could sleep on a moth”, “I’m sore as a limpet”, “Daddy’s as grumpy as a polar bear” and absolutely everything is “as flat as a pancake”.

You love sushi, tacos and anything sweet.

Your favourite colours are pink, purple and orange ( in that order).

Your favourite books are Hairy Mclary. We own most of the series and you know them all by heart.

Your most treasured possession is a stuffed shark called “Sharky” who you got from Underwater World for your 3rd birthday. You sleep with him every night and you say that he keeps all your favourite dreams inside him.

You are a wonderful big brother and even though you get frustrated by Nick sometimes, you take such good care of him and help mummy a lot.

I can already see the man you will grow into and it makes me so very proud. I’m even more proud of the gorgeous boy you are right now.

I love you to the moon and back.



Nicholas – Bam Bam, Nick-Nack

2 yrs 4 months, 89cm, 14.6kg

You are my little pocket rocket. You hardly ever stop. You run, jump, fall, run some more and climb, climb, climb!

You are so mischievous. Nothing is safe from your curious clutches. You get into absolutely everything. Child-proof  is not Nick-proof.

You are very boisterous. You can get a bit rough and hit but are very good at saying sorry. You are getting better at being gentle and the cats aren’t so scared of you now!

You are so very, VERY loud! You know how to make yourself heard and convey what you want even if you don’t know the words. “Up”, “Stay”, “On”, “More” and “No Way!” are a few of your most used words. You are saying more and more each day. Will and I get so excited when you say something new.

You are great at puzzles and building things. You love books and are very good at finding things in the pictures.

You love to sing and dance with your brother. In fact, you love everything about your brother. His name was one of your first words. You miss him when you are apart and you copy everything he does. I love to see you cuddle him and hear you playing and laughing together.

When you do finally stop running, you give the best smoochy cuddles. You love to be close and even if we are playing on the floor you prefer to be sitting on me.  I love it when you snuggle into bed with me in the mornings.

When it comes to food you eat anything and everything and lots of it! You love your lactose-free milk and you are obsessed with the biscuit barrel.

You are allergic to sleep. Especially when I try to get you to nap, you fight it at all costs. Even though you are getting very heavy, I often rock you for a while. I don’t mind much at all. At the moment you insist on sleeping with Elmo, a Teddy daddy had when he was a baby and a fleecy blanket.

Your favourite colour is yellow.

Your favourite TV show is Dora the Explorer. You could watch it all day.

You love the trampoline and having picnics out on the front lawn. You climb the fence and peak over to watch daddy coming home from work.

Everyone who meets you falls under the spell of your golden hair and big blue eyes. Your kindy teachers steal cuddles all the time. You are adorable and demanding and frustrating and adorable all over again.

When you wrap your little arms around my neck and squeeze tight I think my heart will burst.

I love you to the moon and back.


Grateful for… my humble home

Lately I have been feeling quite negative about my home, my neighbourhood, my suburb.

It’s been a feeling that has been growing for a few years but has really escalated with the saga of getting our little boy into school.  You see, we live on the outskirts of a suburb that has a very mixed demographic.   When we moved here 10 years ago our little cottage was the last house in our sleepy street. Our big block is at the top of a hill. We had a wonderful view, a neighbouring farm and an environmental park across the street.  We had lovely neighbours whose kids would play cricket outside our house, scaring away the wallabies who would come to eat our grass. It was bliss.

But our neighbours have moved, the farm is now a development and the wallabies have found a new home. Things have changed immeasurably.  Our plan was to move before our first child went to school. Enter the GFC and its devastating effect on the building industry. My husband’s industry.  Enter anxiety about money, weeks without work, plans put on hold.

We are far from destitute (fortunately as being frugal is not my strong point) but committing to a large mortgage when our financial future is uncertain is not a situation we want to be in.

So here we are today. Not in the catchment area of the school we want. Anxious about the prospect of sending our baby to a school with a somewhat questionable reputation. (But perhaps I’m a school snob? Possibly a concept that needs to be explored in another post).

All my emotions – confusion, resentment, anxiety, disappointment – have been directed at our house. If only it was 2km down the road!  We can’t sell. We can’t buy. Trapped.

But then I took the time to look, really look, around our house, our home. 

Every significant event in my life in the last 10 years has a memory associated with this house.  I remember when we first joked about the idea of getting married in Fiji, sitting in the dining room of this home. I can tell you the exact spot I was standing in the hallway when my doctor phoned to say was I pregnant with Will. The living room is the backdrop of a vivid recollection of sitting, heavily pregnant, sobbing as my mum told us my grandfather was gone. 

And most importantly, all of my boys firsts – rolls, steps, words, all happened here. In our home.  A place that echoes daily with their cheeky laughter, mischievous play and raucous rough-housing.  

Yes, there’s the daggy kitchen, total lack of storage (think golf clubs living in the laundry) and of course the horrid retro red and black bathroom that I can never get 100% mold free.  But there is also the magnificent bottle tree, the pool and of course the brick fireplace that I fell in love with the moment I walked in the door.

How can I resent such a special place?  This house is our first family home.  It is a place my boys will remember and treasure their whole lives.

I can’t resent a place like that. I can only be so very, very grateful.

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Mother’s Day

Well another Mother’s Day has come and gone. I hope everyone had a nice day. Unfortunately the lead up to mine was not without the usual drama that accompanies most of my family’s events, but in the end we had a lovely day with my mum and a pleasant dinner with my mother-in-law. The highlight for me was a sleep-in, seeing the joy on my boy’s faces as I opened the gifts they made at kindy and of course all the yummy food!

Seafood is our traditional Mother’s Day fare – a favourite with both mums (& dads!). I wanted an easy yet decadent dessert to treat my in-laws with and could not go past these amazing molten chocolate puddings that I found at The

This has to be one of the easiest recipes to prepare for a dinner party and has an amazing WOW factor. Sure to impress with little effort on your part.

When we went to her place for lunch (with seafood in hand) my darling mum cooked me my all time favourite childhood dessert – Butterscotch Apple Dumplings with custard.  These little bundles of appley goodness are warm and goey and comforting. Just the way I remember them.  I must get mum’s recipe and promise to post it when I do but in the meantime I did find this one at Cafe Campana.  

What’s your favourite childhood dessert?

Beachy Keen


Like most people I love the beach. I’ve loved it ever since I was a kid. It is the one place I feel truly relaxed and this is probably because some of my most cherished childhood memories are of family holidays to the beach. We have had some real shockers too mind you, but they are overshadowed by the many blissful weeks of making sand creations, jumping waves and sitting on the tailgate of the 4×4 at dusk watching my parents fishing. My most favourite beach past time is walking the beach at low tide looking for shells. I love strolling along the vast stretches of sand and exploring the little pools the tide leaves behind looking for the treasures washed up by the waves.

Obviously my parents gifted me with this love of the coast and it’s a passion that still drives them. They have a townhouse at Hastings Point, a little township on the northern NSW coast. The place is a shrine to all things beachy. My mother’s amazing paintings & drawings of shells, the coastline & sea life adorn the walls as do photos of her 4 grandchildren enjoying the beach.

Some of my mum's amazing creations. Photo do not do them justice.

In almost every room there are tall glass jars full of the hundreds of shells collected over the near decade they have been here. They escape to this little haven whenever possible and we often join them. It is a delight for me, and I am sure also for my parents, to see the same love of the beach (& for shelling) radiating from my children. Beckam especially loves looking for washed up treasures and tries to find as many skimming stones as possible. They both love jumping waves and riding down the estuary with daddy on a boogie board.
Kites are flown, frisbees are thrown. Memories are made.

BamBam making discoveries