Boxing Day 2011

Today I was planning to write a post waxing lyrical about the magic of Christmas. However, I am so completely knackered that all I think about is numbers. These numbers sum up the Christmas that was:

4 days of a hideous gastro bug plaguing all 4 of us right up to Christmas morning.

18 people here for Christmas lunch

100’s of presents

4 big bags of wrapping paper

2 fridges full of leftovers

Today I’ve been occupied by:

6 people for breakfast

1 hour of fun in the pool

4 loads of washing (the first sunny day for a long time)

2 overtired and overwhelmed children

45 minutes of tantruming toddler resisting a nap

My theory about “Boxing day” is that folk are prone to be exhausted and a little touchy in the aftermath of Christmas. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are having a relaxing day today – without too much boxing!

Right now I’m shifting my focus to…

7 glorious days of beach holiday on the horizon. I better get packing!






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A Christmas tale


Twas two nights before Christmas
and all through the house
the children ran riot
and the father did rouse.

The house needed cleaning
there was food to be cooked…
Mum was just thankful a holiday was booked!!

Thank you! And you! And you…

Today my humble little blog got a Christmas present of it’s very own!  The lovely Jodi at Lipgloss Mumma awarded Née Say with a Liebster Award!

To say I was stoked is an understatement. It’s so lovely to be acknowledged by your peers in any arena and I’m especially honoured that a blogger who I read religiously bestowed this award to little ole me 🙂 Please go visit Jodi and say hello!

Anyway, on with the show! The Liebster (meaning meaning ‘dearest’ in German) is an award given to inspirational bloggers with less than 200 followers.

The rules for the Liebster Award are as follows:

1. Thank the giver and link back to the blogger who gave it you.

2. Reveal your five blogger picks and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.

3. Copy and paste the award on your blog.

4. Hope that people you have sent the award to forward it on to their favourite bloggers.

So here are my five picks:


CRAP Mamma 

Daisy Roo and Two

Mixed Gems

Naomi Hart

These wonderful blogs are sure to provide you with some great holiday reading.

While I’m about the business of dishing out acknowledgment and thanks, I’d like to thank all of you for your support and wonderful comments over the last 12 months. I’ve met some wonderful new friends through blogging and have been shown unwavering support by lots of long time non-bloggy friends who let me invade their in boxes a couple of times a week with my rants and ramblings. I really do appreciate you all.

Wishing you a very merry & safe Christmas from the menagerie & me.

Wonderful Weekend: Christmas Cooking

So far we have been without a landline or ADSL connection for 6 days. Don’t get me started on Telstra, but please forgive any glaring errors in this post as I’m working on my iPhone and auto correct hates me.

Apart from yelling at call centre staff, this weekend has been consumed with Christmas cooking. Yesterday we tried out The Man’s new cake box and baked our very first Christmas cake.

A few people asked why my family use a wooden box instead of a cake tin. I’ve ascertained it is to retain moisture in the cake while it cooks slowly over a long period (4hrs). It’s a big cake!

The boys had lots of fun helping and I’m really excited about this new/old tradition for us as a little family.

The secret recipe.


The fruit soaked in rum for 3 days – smelt divine!


Stirring… as usual.


Into the box it goes. Yes, The Man is wearing a Winnie-the-Pooh apron. Yes, it was under duress (kinda ;P)


The final product!!


It’s a bit crumbly but very yummy and awesome for our first attempt. We are pretty chuffed with the results.

Speaking of chuffed, on Friday I baked Christmas Tree Brownies for the boys’ kindy party which were a huge hit.


Yesterday I also whipped up a variation of this white rocky road recipe to go with some cherry ripe fudge inspired by Clare at The Home She Made, which I’ll be making today. These will go into jars for the boys’ teachers as a Christmas gift.

So as you can see I’ve been quite the little festive chef this weekend. It’s a real shame I’m not as organised for Christmas day itself!!

What’s your favourite Christmas recipe?

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Née xx

Ooh! That’s Pinterest…ing!

This week has seen the procurement of my two christmas presents from The Man.

New blinds for the deck…

Kinda like this...

And a beautiful new iMac!!

Exactly like this!

Needless to say, I’m a very lucky girl.  If I was even luckier, Santa might also bring me…

A Pandora Charm (or two)

A new fragrance…

Or a DSLR…

Ok, you’re right, that’s just being ridiculously greedy.

At the risk of sounding extremely corny, all I really want for christmas is a whole bunch of …

All these images are from my Pinterest xmas wish list board because today I’m linking up with Tina Gray {dot} me for *drum roll*

What’s on your Christmas wish list??

Things I know: A week of celebration!

The colour of Champagne

Wow, it has been such a huge week. And it’s not done yet! We’ve had quite a few things to celebrate so here’s the “Things I know” wrap up:

 I know I’m so super duper happy that my boy was finally accepted into the school we wanted. The relief when they phoned opened a flood gate of tears (for me). He is very excited and so ready.

I know the Christmas holidays will drag as I’m going to be asked every day “Can I go to my new school yet?” !!

I know 13 years ago not many people would have thought that The Man and I would still be together, let alone happily married with a menagerie.

I know that the Wilful One was so excited to turn 5 this week. He had an awesome time at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary on his birthday.

I know that I was grateful The Organised Housewife posted egg-free cupcake recipes just in time for me to make 2 dozen of them for preschool (they were a huge hit!)

I know that Saturday night I will have a very tired but happy boy after two back-to-back birthday celebrations.

I know seeing Pam Ayres perform live was fantastic. I took my mum as an early birthday present and we both thoroughly enjoyed it. An amazing lady with a wicked sense of humour.

Of course, there is a flip side to everything and there are a couple of things I know I’m not so excited about this week:

I know that I’m going to spend the rest of the day doing housework and stressing over  dust bunnies and crumbs. I know it’s needless as my family love me regardless of cobwebs.

I know that I’m so sad that my 5 week holiday is over and I have to return to the grindstone next week.

I know that I was a bit ambitious in all the things I planned to do while I was on leave but at least I made it through 3/4 of my list (ok maybe 2/3).

I also know that the end of my holiday signifies that Christmas is approaching like a freight train. Time to get organised. Eeek!

Have you had something to celebrate this week? Please share!

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I know Christmas is coming whether I’m ready or not!



I know that Christmas is only 8wks away (57 days to be exact). I know that people get excited early and like to be organised for it.

However, I was still a little shocked last night, when, on a late night run for baked cheesecake (as you do) they were putting up Christmas lights in the car park. 

It’s only October, people!!

A commonly heard remark these days is “This year has gone so fast”.  Every year seems to go quickly. Honestly, it’s small wonder when in the shops there is tinsel and baubles on shelves right alongside Halloween costumes. Not to mention back to school items competing with Easter eggs and hot cross buns.

I know it sounds very Nanna, but it’s just all so commercial these days.

For me, Christmas is the kids’ anticipation, gift giving, family traditions and mismatched crockery so we can all share a meal around the same table. Oh and the last minute frenetic efforts to get everything sorted. Ok, perhaps that last part really is just me?

I have two November birthdays to get through before I can contemplate Christmas but I know Christmas is coming whether I’m ready or not.

Do you start Christmas planning early or are you a last minute type of gal like me?

PS. If you are the organised sort pop over to Tina Gray {dot} me and Mummy to Five who are both doing weekly Christmas posts. I know I really need to read them. Perhaps something to do while I’m standing in all those really long queues the week before Christmas?  😉

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