Fresh Eyes

Well there are so many things I could say about events since I last posted. I could write about the joys & stresses of the Christmas period or the wonderful family holiday we had away at Moffatt Beach, Caloundra.  I could write about the heartbreak and emotional rollercoaster that has been the last two weeks, supporting my in-laws as they lost their house in the terrible floods that have been ravaging eastern Australia.

But right now, all I can focus on is this moment. I have a coffee at my elbow, my housework is done, my dinner is cooking, my toddler is sleeping & my preschooler is telling the dog he needs a bath. All that matters to me right now are these things and the contentment that they bring. 

Out of all the things I’ve learnt over the last month, about myself and about other people, perhaps the biggest lesson I have learnt is that everyone has a different interpretation of normalcy – and my version suits me just fine.