Room 4 2

Our house is quite small. When both the boys were babies the nursery was the tiny room off the kitchen. When we first decked the room out in preparation for The Wilful One’s arrival it was my favourite spot in the house. Everything was new and fresh and it had such a serene feel. I would just sit in the rocking chair and bliss out. Ah, how glorious those last days of your first pregnancy are when you are oblivious to the chaos & mayhem that is about to descend upon your once peaceful life!

Anyway, when The Wilful One turned two we moved him into his ‘big boy’ room. This is technically the master bedroom in the house & had lots of room for his king single bed and masses of toys. It also made way for the nursery’s newest occupant. But with two young boys and a ridiculous amount of toys, there was the inevitable “creep” out into the living room. There were baskets of toys lining our living room wall & although the boys were very good at tidying every night, their very presence drove me mad.

Now I’m not a clean freak by any measure (as my husband & the ‘junk room’ can attest) but I do like defined living spaces. So I was keen for the boys to come of an age where they could share a room and the toys could be given a dedicated space. This time came in November when we moved Bam Bam’s cot into The Wilful One’s room in preparation for the boys having to room share on our Christmas holidays. The nursery was consequently turned into a dedicated toy room and everyone was happy.

There was one small side effect from this much-anticipated event that I hadn’t bargained on. Early starts. Not being a morning person, I had invested much energy in training my boys in the fine art of sleeping in. The Wilful One was easy enough and stuck pretty consistently to a 7.30am wake up time from an early age. This is a reasonable hour that I can deal with. Bam Bam on the other hand has always liked to mix things up. He has gone through periods of 5am wake ups which would be followed by a few weeks of 9am (bliss!). The beauty of them having their own bedrooms was of course that I could attend to them without disturbing the other and even convince them to lay back down for a while if I was REALLY lucky.

But alas, in my hasty quest to reclaim the living room I overlooked this very important factor! Bam Bam started becoming a regular early bird on our holidays and so it began.

Consequently, we now have a pretty much guaranteed 5.30am wake up. There seems to be some unwritten wake up roster between them and if it isn’t one it will be the other. Of course in the majority of cases the individual in question will make enough of a racket to disturb the other.

For a long time I’ve clung to the disillusionment that I will become a morning person through the course of parenting. I’m sad to say this is not the case. I guess in the grander scheme of things I’m only 4.5 years into this parenting caper and have a long time to work on adapting my body clock. I’m sure by the time the boys become teenagers and start sleeping till lunch time I’ll be itching to be up and vacuuming or going for a jog or whatever it is that enthusiastic early risers do with all those extra daylight hours. In the meantime, I’ll continue to walk around in a daze guzzling coffee & popping multivitamins.

Roll on puberty!