Cherish Your Cherubs: Remember

This week’s Cherish Your Cherubs project subject is “Remember”. I’ve been trying to think of an outstanding special moment for each of the boys to write about but there are so many to choose from. I’ve decided to write about my most favourite family memory to date.

Christmas Holidays 2010

We stayed in a beach front apartment at Moffat Beach, Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast.  This was our first real holiday away with just the four of us for one whole week. It was one of the best holidays I’ve ever had.  Every day we played in the park, walked along the beach, built sand castles, splashed in the waves and swam in the pool.

I will always remember it as the holiday where Will learnt to swim (dog paddle) all by himself and Nick had his first ever milkshake (the beginning of a life long obsession, no doubt).  We played 100 games of snakes and ladders and ate sausages almost every night.

We were relaxed. We were happy. We enjoyed each others company.

Most of all, I will always remember this holiday as bursting full with promises of so many wonderful family holidays to come.


Beachy Keen


Like most people I love the beach. I’ve loved it ever since I was a kid. It is the one place I feel truly relaxed and this is probably because some of my most cherished childhood memories are of family holidays to the beach. We have had some real shockers too mind you, but they are overshadowed by the many blissful weeks of making sand creations, jumping waves and sitting on the tailgate of the 4×4 at dusk watching my parents fishing. My most favourite beach past time is walking the beach at low tide looking for shells. I love strolling along the vast stretches of sand and exploring the little pools the tide leaves behind looking for the treasures washed up by the waves.

Obviously my parents gifted me with this love of the coast and it’s a passion that still drives them. They have a townhouse at Hastings Point, a little township on the northern NSW coast. The place is a shrine to all things beachy. My mother’s amazing paintings & drawings of shells, the coastline & sea life adorn the walls as do photos of her 4 grandchildren enjoying the beach.

Some of my mum's amazing creations. Photo do not do them justice.

In almost every room there are tall glass jars full of the hundreds of shells collected over the near decade they have been here. They escape to this little haven whenever possible and we often join them. It is a delight for me, and I am sure also for my parents, to see the same love of the beach (& for shelling) radiating from my children. Beckam especially loves looking for washed up treasures and tries to find as many skimming stones as possible. They both love jumping waves and riding down the estuary with daddy on a boogie board.
Kites are flown, frisbees are thrown. Memories are made.

BamBam making discoveries