Happiness is…

New Shoes


It colours me all shades of happy every time I look at them because they were a gift from a very special person who knows me so well 🙂

What’s making you smile today?

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Née xx


Grateful for Shrek, raisin toast, coffee & impromptu plans

I’ve just looked at the title of this post and it’s a bit cumbersome.  “Grateful for weekends” probably would have covered it, but here’s why it is what it is:

Grateful for Shrek:  Overall, grateful for the square babysitter really, but Bam Bam’s newfound love of Shrek is giving me some much needed respite from bloody Dora. Plus, Shrek has a very groovy soundtrack and when he gets bored with watching number 1 (over & over & over again) we can always move on to the sequels.

My little ogre & puss (sans boots)

Grateful for raisin toast & coffee: Enough said really.

Grateful for impromptu plans: I’ve just received a text informing me of a devious plan conjured by The Man to ensure his attendance this afternoon at the boating & marine expo (or some such thing). I’m required to provide return transfer services. However, said plan also involves a sweet payoff – a long overdue BBQ with friends.  Superb excuse to ditch the evening routine & embrace the weekend.  Very grateful for the hospitality (& flexibility) of wonderful friends.

What are your plans for the weekend?

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Grateful for friends & bloggers & friendly bloggers


Recently, the lovely Maxabella  posted about the friends you never have time to see. This struck such a chord with me as I’m constantly having to change or cancel plans to catch up with friends because, well frankly, life always gets in the way.

I’m grateful that most of my friends are in the same boat (and that they are very patient!) and I’m excited that for the next few weeks while I’m on holidays I’m fully booked with overdue catch ups. It’s a priority of mine that’s long been overlooked and I’m grateful for this opportunity to make amends.

Maxabella’s isn’t the only blog post that has rung true for me lately. Obviously, so many of the wonderful blogs I follow are on the same page as me (hence why I follow!) but recently there have been a couple of posts that have really resonated, like this one about personal expectations of motherhood by Imperfect Mum and this post about blogging by Becky @ BeckyandJames.com . I’m so grateful for these women who bear their souls to the world. Especially grateful to have someone to relate to.

And finally, I’m grateful that there are so many wonderful bloggers out there who are open and friendly. The social media arena can be lonely, daunting and quite overwhelming at times but there are always those who are warm, inclusive and willing to help. I hope you know who you are and how much you are appreciated!!

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Do you find it difficult to find time to catch up with old friends?




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Grateful for Luck, Love and Little Heroes


Grateful for Luck

Late last week I was trawling through twitter while having a break at work (god bless the iPhone) and I stumbled across a tweet about a giveaway for free blog hosting.  How serendipitous since I had just made the decision to move my blog to a hosted site.  I had the good fortune of winning that giveaway and was pleased as punch.  Later that evening I entered another, even more generous giveaway with the same service for a complete blogging package – hosting, domain,  design, Facebook page.  I admit I was being greedy trying my luck twice, but I thought what the heck!



Grateful for Love

To be in the running for this amazing prize, I had to rally my friends to like, tweet and comment about me to get additional entries. Friends who read my blog commented, friends who probably had no idea I blogged commented and, of course, other lovely bloggers commented. I was a bit overwhelmed by all love and I’m extremely grateful, especially because it won me the competition!!

Grateful for Little Heroes

Of course, what (who) I’m most grateful for this week is Michelle from Little Hero Hosting & Designs, without whom none of this would have been possible. Her generous birthday giveaways have made me a very, very grateful little blogger and have shown me how lucky I am and how much I am loved. I’m really looking forward to working with her to create a new space for Nee Say.

So tell me, have you ever won anything amazing?

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Grateful For…

This weekend I’m grateful for Facebook. Yes, I know, strange considering my struggle with a self-confessed Facebook Addiction.

These are the reasons I’m grateful for FB this weekend:

  • Keeping up with exciting developments. Many of my friends are setting up business ventures and it’s great to be able to watch their businesses grow and follow their progress. Two awesome chicks in my life doing great things are Allie @ Miss Fascinator  and Lou Lou @ Inviting Style (shameless plug).
  • Connecting & networking – the whole purpose of social networking afterall. I’ve been learning lots following my favourite blogs & great resources like Digital Parents through their FB pages.

But my main reason for being grateful for FB this weekend is..

  • Keeping in touch with old friends. With busy lives full of children, work and other responsibilities there are so many special people in my life that I don’t see often enough. FB gives me the opportunity to connect with these people regularly and helps prompt me to get organised and arrange some long over due catch ups!


What are you grateful for this week?  Don’t forget to pop over to Maxabella loves… for some more thankful thoughts.


What’s your status?

Hello my name is Nee & I’m a Facebook addict.

Whether it’s on my iPhone, iPad or laptop I cannot help checking FB. I really feel this compulsion is starting to invade and dominate my life. It’s the first thing I do in the morning and the last thing I do at night. I have even been known to check if I get up in the middle of the night to go to the loo!

I don’t understand the fascination with all the games (farmville, tycoon etc) that folk play. But then I’m not a games person. I’m a people person. I love to comment on my friend’s statuses and pictures.  I’m sure my near daily status updates drive my mates mad. It’s got to the point that instead of calling or texting a friend, I’ll send an inbox message or post on their wall.  Sometimes it even feels like my husband and I converse more via posts than we do in person!

So… I’ve decided to take action. I need to cut back.

To enforce this I’m going to delete the FB app from my phone. No more checking every time I make a coffee at work or flicking through someone’s holiday pics while I’m waiting for the kids to finish their breakfast. I cringe at the thought that my children think that life is lead with a phone in hand, for that is certainly the behaviour The Man and I are modelling these days.

I have to say my love for FB will not be diminished though. I love the feeling of community I get from FB. I’m terrible at getting around to organising social gatherings or making phone calls but with FB it only takes a touch and a scroll to connect with people I care about and find out what’s happening in their lives. If I’m having a bad day with the kids I can guarantee that one of my friends will be in the same boat and we will be able to offer each other words of comfort and support. Likewise, if I’m having a great day or am proud of an achievement, there will always be someone who is right there cheering for me. That is the magic of social networking and what makes it such a fundamental element of how we communicate today.

What’s your relationship with FB?  Do you love it or loath it?