Things I know about the too hard basket

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The too hard basket is a common phenomenon in my life.

I thought as a way of getting my head around tackling it, I’d share some of the things I know about this particular problem:

I know that there is a strong link between the too hard basket and the Procrastination Gene.

I know that I can break my too hard baskets into: house, work, family and miscellaneous life crap. If I was going to be totally honest with my self, I could probably add a dedicated blogging basket too.

I know I don’t get any points for having compartmentalised baskets if they are still labelled “too hard”.

I know that the longer I avoid the baskets, the harder they get.

I know the more I get nagged about addressing the baskets, the more I’ll avoid them (I find this very male response to nagging disconcerting, it really goes against every intuitive sense I have as a mother and wife!)

I know, for the most part, the too hard baskets are no one’s problem but mine. I know what I need is a good can of harden up to get on with the business of dealing with them.

Do you have a collection of too hard baskets? How do you tackle them?

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P.S. If you find your self in my shoes – you must check out this great post about beating procrastination by the lovely Kirri White, Life Coach.