Things I know about the too hard basket

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The too hard basket is a common phenomenon in my life.

I thought as a way of getting my head around tackling it, I’d share some of the things I know about this particular problem:

I know that there is a strong link between the too hard basket and the Procrastination Gene.

I know that I can break my too hard baskets into: house, work, family and miscellaneous life crap. If I was going to be totally honest with my self, I could probably add a dedicated blogging basket too.

I know I don’t get any points for having compartmentalised baskets if they are still labelled “too hard”.

I know that the longer I avoid the baskets, the harder they get.

I know the more I get nagged about addressing the baskets, the more I’ll avoid them (I find this very male response to nagging disconcerting, it really goes against every intuitive sense I have as a mother and wife!)

I know, for the most part, the too hard baskets are no one’s problem but mine. I know what I need is a good can of harden up to get on with the business of dealing with them.

Do you have a collection of too hard baskets? How do you tackle them?

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P.S. If you find your self in my shoes – you must check out this great post about beating procrastination by the lovely Kirri White, Life Coach.




Little rituals

I have been going through a rough patch of late (better known as “life”).  I must admit I have to work very hard some days to keep from dropping my bundle. I feel I have been failing dismally.

So, in an effort to regain some semblance of control over my feelings and reactions, the last couple of days I have tried to be more mindful of what triggers my stress, anxiety, depression, frustration,  ANGER… well you get the picture… 

In doing this I have realised that I do a multitude of little things each day in an attempt to prevent myself from decompensating completely. My daily rituals include:

 A morning shower which I cannot function without. Full stop.       

Michael Buble’s Crazy Love CD (specifically tracks 4 & 5)  which I listen to in the care with my boys on the way to kindy. They know all the words (even Nick who can barely say “milk”) and sing along at the top of their lungs.  Switching on this CD instantly calms us all from the stress of the morning rush and makes us feel happy & loved up which is exactly the way I want to leave my babies as I toddle off to work.  The beauty of this – it works in reverse for the return trip home in the evening too.

Coffee, coffee, coffee! Whether I’m at home or work, if I’m frustrated, exhausted, have a mental block or am just plain procrastinating, I find the simple act of making a coffee very therapeutic.  Of course the chocolate or biccie that inevitably accompany it probably helps with the endorphins too.

Hand cream. I have the most beautiful Cath Kidston Rose & Carnation hand cream. It smells divine & the simple act of rubbing this luscious, silky cream on my hands is amazingly soothing.

Washing up. Strange but true. As much as I resent extra time spent in the kitchen, I find the actual process of washing up relaxing. I also hate waking up to a messy kitchen so it’s a means to an end!

Non of this is earth shattering stuff but up until now, I’ve performed these little rituals semi-consciously. Doing something that calms you and fully appreciating the experience for what it is are two different things.  With this in mind I’ve decided to perform my little rituals much more consciously to ensure I saviour every calm-enducing moment.

Do you have any little rituals that bring peace to your day?



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