Puppies, Puddles & Poppins


We had double trouble this weekend when our puppy’s brother came to stay for a sleepover with my parents.

Such cuteness!

Oh, and you will be pleased to know our puppy (on the left) has finally been bestowed a permanent name. His new moniker is Carter, after the All Blacks rugby player, of course.  If I was going to own a dog that had to be named after a footballer, I was making sure it was going to be one that was hot! 😉

His beautiful brother is Jasper.


With the relentless rain, two 7wk old puppies, a toilet training toddler and a 5yr old who has suddenly regressed to bed wetting, I think I should start living in  a pair of these…

My mama and I went to see the stage production of Mary Poppins on Saturday night and it was practically perfect in every way.

Such amazing sets and choreography. However, if you are going to see it, I recommend an open mind – it’s not exactly the same as the movie. They have incorporated elements of the original books. Did you know Mary Poppins was originally a series of 5 books written by a Queenslander? No, me neither!!

So after all of those P’s (& pee’s) I was absolutely exhausted, but lunch with a beautiful friend for a very long overdue catchup was just the spoonful of sugar I needed 🙂

What did you get up to on the weekend? What was the last show you saw at the theatre?

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Neé knows… a spoon full of sugar

Votre responsable être léché

If only there was a little more Mary Poppins magic in the world. I’m certainly not anywhere near practically perfect in ANYway, but here are my little pearls of wisdom this week:

I know I’m super excited about getting Mary Poppins tix for January!

I know that I was bordering on fraudulent when I ticked the box on the census stating I spend 30+ hours on domestic duties. My defence is that I misread the question as “how many hours SHOULD you be spending on domestic duties”.

I know that I was being very generous ticking the census box stating that The Man spends “5 to 14 hours” on domestic duties.

I know it’s a sign I’m finally growing up when no mummy-tantrum was forthcoming the day we pulled up at daycare and my preschooler declared he left his lunch box at home, AGAIN. Mary Poppins would be proud.

I know that belting out Adele’s “Somebody Like You” in the car is amazingly therapeutic even if it does not sound particularly amazing.

I know that I will drive myself, and everyone around me, completely nuts waiting until November to have our school enrollment confirmed or denied.

I know (very deep down) that my boy will be alright no matter what school he goes to. He is such an amazing little human being who is super intelligent, compassionate, strong-willed and so very very loved.

I know that I am so very fortunate in life and need to be more grateful for things like the roof over my head (I’ll explore this further in tomorrow’s grateful post).

I know that I really just need to take a step back and get a little perspective. Perhaps a spoon full of sugar would help…

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What’s your favourite piece of Mary Poppins magic?



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