{Nee Asks} Save my Sanity!

Ok peeps, I am in desperate need of some parenting advice. My child’s life is in danger.

See this sweet innocent face?


I could throttle it most days.

It is well documented on this blog that the Wilful One and I both possess the procrastination gene. But since turning 5, the boy’s has gone into overdrive.

He is such a bright, enthusiastic child who loves to have purpose and responsibility. Generally.

However, recently the most simple tasks have become drawn out beyond belief. Tidying up. Getting dressed. Getting a drink. Going to the toilet. Putting. On. Bloody. Shoes. ARGH!

If faffing around was an olympic sport I’d been signing him up pronto. He’d bring home the gold every time.

Having a tendency to dawdle myself, I am more tolerant than most and I have tried a number of things to try to help him get moving.

I step out tasks in order of events (he likes a plan), make it a game/race, pre-prepare as much as possible, offer rewards and of course, lots of good old threats. This morning I heard myself tell him he would be taken to school in his underwear if he wasn’t dressed by the time I got to the door!

So, I beseech you, for the sake of my son and that of my sanity, tell me your tips for keeping procrastination-prone youngsters on task and focused.




The Procrastination Gene


“Very sorry running late”

If my friends received a dollar for every time they received this text message from me they would be rich (and would no doubt invite me over more often).

Once upon a time, I used to be organised. In fact, at work I still manage some semblance of organisation and punctuality. Put me in a social setting and I’m more than hopeless.

I blame the Procrastination Gene. My father has is. My aunt has it. My grandma has it. There is simply no escaping the fact that a susceptibility to distraction induced tardiness runs strong in my veins. It is getting worse with age.

Mornings are the worst. I’m definitely not a morning person and it takes quite a while for me to become fully functional. Add cold weather and other people to organise and any slim chance of punctuality will be buried somewhere under a rumpled doona or half finished bowl of cereal.  Throw an obsession with social media into the mix and all hope is lost.

Having  insight into the problem helps and I manage to implement strategies to help minimise the problem some of the time.  But even if I’m super organised (like this morning for a playdate with Miss Moo & her boys) often a false sense of security will open the door for a little procrastination, I overestimate how much time I’ve got to abuse my snooze button and/or underestimate how long it takes to get clothes onto an uncooperative man-child. The next thing I know I’ve lost half an hour and am scrambling to get out the door.

The Wilful One worries me.  The Procrastination Gene is strong in that one at such an early age. How will I ever teach him to overcome a genetic predisposition to faff around when I cannot master it myself?


This can be such an embarrassing and socially debilitating condition. Perhaps a some sort of support group is in order.

Hello, my name is Nee and I am a Procrastinator.

To all my long-suffering friends & family – I’m sorry and thank you for your continued patience.

Do you or someone you love have the Procrastination Gene?



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