Things I know: Opting out

This is not the Things I Know post I had planned for today. I was going to finally do the party post. But I just wasn’t feeling it.

Today, what I really know is that I want to opt out.

Not for an extended period. Just a brief interlude.

I know it would it be nice to wake up and not have to worry about getting somebody else dressed, fed or entertained. Just to worry about what I’m doing. To be focused on my self.

I know it would be wonderful not to worry about who was going to perform the caring role all day, and perhaps even all of the next day too, because there was always this other default person to worry about those things.

I know how blissful it would be for a day or two just be able to opt out at short notice and go do something you really want to do. Just because you can.

I know it would be nice to be permitted to do that.

I know I can’t opt out. Not easily or without a bundle of logistical planning.

I know this is my choice. I know I am lucky that I get to do the things that I do. Live the life I lead. Have the beautiful responsibilities that I have.

I know we each have responsibilities and I do not dismiss lightly the burdens of others.

I know that some people will think I am selfish. Ungrateful.

But I know some days I feel trapped. Frustrated by the fact that simple every day tasks require a tactical response. Eating, cleaning, shopping, phone calls, making a coffee and even writing this blog post require preplanning, negotiation, distraction and usually evasive measures. Even then it can all go pear-shaped.

I know it would be nice just to let the million to-dos and issues to resolve just fly out of my head. Christmas parties, presents, preschool commitments, school preparation, meal planning, washing, toilet training, family issues, squabbling kids. Just let it all go for a while.  Leave it to the default.

I know I resent always being the default.

I know I would like the option to just opt out and let someone else pick up the slack.

If I could, I know I’d leave a note and all it would say is:  

“Gone Fishing”

Do you ever have the desire to just opt out? Are you the default in your house?





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Things I know about cutting clutter

Operation: Cut the Clutter has been underway here at Née Say HQ for the last couple of weeks. Nothing too earth shattering, mind. As much as I would have liked to tip my house upside down, shake everything out & start afreash, instead I have focused on tackling a few little trouble spots that weigh me down with their blatant unruliness.
There’s a couple of things I know about clutter:
  • A small house gets cluttered very easily
  • Small children + small house = triple the clutter (at least)
  • There are way to many “bits” in life. You know those miscellaneous odds & ends that have no home but you keep because they may be required at a later date? I detest bits.
  • I place way to much sentimental value on “stuff”. Particularly clothes & books.
  • Talking through the decluttering process with the Wilful One has been a valuable way of reigning in my little hoarder-in-the-making.
  • Getting rid of clutter can be overwhelming but also kind of fun.
  • So many bloggers out there have inspiring ideas on storage & organisation.  The Organised Housewife & Super Organiser Mum  are great places to start. Plus Kate Says Stuff has some super giveaways with her Systems Junkie series at the mo!
  • And I know it’s stating the obvious, but IKEA truly is a declutter-er’s mecca!

Now, I’m not much of a “how-to” blogger but I couldn’t resist a little show & tell (or should that be shame & tell?)

In the last couple of weeks I’ve:

  • culled 75% of my recipe book collection (I use google most of the time anyway)

    Yes my recipe books do reflect my food likes - curry, chocolate & sushi! At least Vegie Smugglers is front & central 🙂

  • culled & reorganised my pathetic excuse for a pantry
  • decreased the contents of my Tupperware drawer  by 1/3 – it now closes without eating plastic
  • revamped & reorganised my office space to look a little less like a man cave & more like a creative space (as you can see the office used to be the nursery)
Everything from IKEA (apart from lappy & modem)
  •  organised our important personal documents into one single file – suitable for grabbing prior to fleeing a burning house (just sayin’)
  • created labelled action folders & files to organise the plethora of paper that’s currently stored on the bench & fridge. Still waiting for The Man to hang this folders above the desk.  

I used scissors & glue people!!

  • sorted the boys outgrown clothes & reorganised their drawers
Loving these drawer inserts from IKEA!
  • eBayed 3 boxes of toddler toys & donated some to daycare
  • donated 4 bags of crap stuff to LifeLine

Phew! Actually, it does seem like a lot when I write it all down. On the surface it doesn’t seem to have made much of a difference (I’m sure The Man thinks I’ve spent my entire holidays drinking coffee & faffing on the computer) but I’m feeling pleased with my efforts, nevertheless. It’s nice to open a cupboard or drawer safe in the knowledge that it isn’t booby-trapped.

One thing I know for sure about cutting clutter: I’ve got a hell of a lot more to do!

Are you good at keeping on top of clutter at your place or are your cupboards booby-trapped too?

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PS This post has not been sponsored by IKEA. Unfortunately, obsession does not automatically qualify you for sponsorship.



Things I know… now that I’m a Mum

21st April 2009 - Bam Bam 1 day old, The Wilful One 2.5 yrs

With the 5 year anniversary of becoming a mother fast approaching, I’ve been doing a little reflection. There are so many things I thought I knew before I had kids, but being a mum has taught me a whole lot more than I expected. Spending time last weekend with women who don’t have children has also made me realise how differently I approach things these days.

Here are a few things I know now I’m a mum:

I know now that baby wipes are not just for wiping babies. I use them for everything! I’m not sure how I ever lived without them before.

 I know now oversized handbags do serve a purpose aside from making a fashion statement.

 I know now that a human being can survive purely on bananas and chicken nuggets for 6 months and still develop normally.

 I know now that bribing children is not only ethical, it is integral for the continued survival of our species.

I know now that a band-aid and a kiss can fix most things.

I know now that it’s possible for you to love someone so much you fear your heart may burst and want to throttle them at the same time.

 I know now what all those laundry detergent ads where on about.

I know now that wine really does have medicinal properties.

I know now that going to the toilet or having a shower by oneself  are absolute luxuries that should never be taken for granted.

I know now that the word “Mummy” can be the sweetest thing or the most irritating thing, depending on how many times you’ve heard it in the last 20 minutes.

I know now that Huggies have the most powerful marketing campaign. Ever.

I know now what unconditional love is.

I know now that being somebody’s mummy is indeed the hardest but most rewarding job in the whole world.

I know now where all those bloody clichés come from.

What do you know now that you are a mum?

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Things I know this week

I know Friday’s the day I link up with Shae from Yay for Home !

I know I didn’t cope as well as I expected for the 5 days The Man was away. Usually life is easier with one less male around. Not this time!

I know at times I was a bit unreasonable with the kids. I hope the visage of screaming-banshee-mother is not permanently imprinted on their psyche.

I know my diet went out the window. I wish there was a pill you could pop for stress-eating. One for motivation & self-control would be good, too.

I know I’m hopelessly in love with the beautiful scarf the divine Lou Lou brought back from Paris for me.

I know the boys are loving their Paris tee’s and Harrods bears, too. Spoilt!

I know I’m irrationally nervous about the Wilful One’s Prep interview next Tuesday. Especially since it’s for a school that I’m hoping we don’t have to send him to.

I know toilet training Bam Bam is every bit as painful as I anticipated it to be. That kid has no respect for hygiene.

I know I’m so glad to be on holidays!!!

I know I’m feeling pretty darn virtuous for planning out my 5 weeks of holidays and scheduling all my to-do’s. I’ve scheduled long overdue catch ups, assigned weeks for household de-cluttering tasks and listed all the odd jobs I need to do. I’ve even allocated days for writing blog posts!

I know I needed to do this otherwise I run the risk of spending 5 weeks sitting front of the computer in my PJ’s as a result of  feeling completely overwhelmed by all the things I want to achieve and the Procrastination Gene will kick in big time. And that is NOT going to happen!

Do you need to organise yourself with schedules and lists like me?

Things I Know


It’s been chaos and mayhem as usual for the menagerie and me of late. Here are a bunch of random things I know this week:

I know that a sure-fire way to guarantee a Mt Vesuvius size eruption on your face is to be the facilitator for a training workshop involving a dozen or so buff police officers.


Was very tempted to wear one of these - with a top on as well of course.

I know that the two separate Garnier packs I scored from Brand Meets Blog and Good Googs  this week will help me banish (or at least conceal) aforementioned pimple and reduce future embarrassment.

I know the only way to get my kids to sleep-in is the necessity to be somewhere early.

I know that nothing is going to give me grey hairs quicker than the night terror/asthma attack combo Bam Bam is running at the moment.

I know we desperately need an asthma management plan.

I know I must avoid the temptation for us to live off chicken nuggets and Vegemite toast for 5 days while The Man is in Sydney over the weekend. He is usually my nutritional conscience. Must lose weight!

I know I’m one more week closer to holidays and Melbourne!!!

I know I need to write some lists (oh how I love lists) of all the jobs I need to get done around here while on holidays and, more importantly, of what shopping I need to do.

I know I need to do some serious research via Fox in Flats and Styling You so I can make some fashion savvy purchases rather than my standard “jeans & tee” uniform.

I know I’m very excited to have won free blog hosting through Little Hero Hosting and I foresee some exciting things in the future for my humble little blog.  Watch this space!  Literally… please?

What do you know this week??

Linking up with… you guessed it Yay for Home’s Things I Know.

I know I WILL lose weight

I’m going to Melbourne in three weeks time. I’m going on a shopping tour and I’m supposed to be at least 5kg less than I am now. Or at least that was the plan 6 months ago.

The plan before I fell head long into a love affair with red wine and chocolate (ok, chocolate and I have a bit of history).

Ironically, my maiden voyage into blogging was actually based on losing weight.  Weighting for a Miracle was going to be my saviour. I would be accountable to the world wide web. I would report my successes. I would have a hoard of supporters cheering me on.  What actually eventuated was a farcical tale of broken scales and very little progress. I ended the embarrassment after 17 weeks. 

My latest attempt will be different. I will try not torture you with tales of my progress (or lack there of) because obviously accountability doesn’t work with me. There will be no false promises of exercise programs. Most definitely no shakes or pills. I know that the magic formula for my weight loss is ludicrously simple.


So now you know what I know. I will lose weight before Melbourne. And in the event that I don’t… well, the beauty of blogging is that if I fail miserably, most of you will never know 😉

What weight loss formula works for you?

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I know Kegels keep it real

Boy do I know I should have done more Kegels.

In ante natal classes they teach you how to strengthen your pelvic floor. Kegels may sound like a funky type of breakfast bagel but really are the secret weapon in a woman’s post pregnancy arsenal.

Needless to say, I didn’t pay much heed to the lovely but rather batty midwife who tried to steer me onto the path of lifelong bladder control.  Sure enough, karma came and bit me in the arse (close enough) by blessing me with 2 rather large babies who took great pleasure in trampolining on my pelvic  flaw floor.

I did squeeze in the early days. I even accepted my OBG’s invitation to trial their new fandango machine that would vibrate my floor back into pre-pregnancy shape. Unfortunately, the experience was akin to spending 20 mins sitting on a church pew that was being pummelled from underneath by a Jack hammer.  With 2 smalls in tow and a hefty fee per session, I gracefully declined further sessions. I can squeeze for free after all. The DIY job can be done all day,  anywhere. Sssshh – no one will know!  Unlike some of the very interesting contraptions I found on google this morning after a “Kegel” search. I won’t elaborate. I get too many dodgy hits on my site already.

Anyway, it’s a shame I’m no good at follow through. Now as I sit here, suffering a horrendous cough, I’m wishing I’d made the investment in the jackhammer-floor-saver. Imagine the money I could have saved on the millions of boxes of Tenas I see stacking up in my future.

I'm here all ready!!!

Young ones take heed and squeeeeeeze! Do what your midwife says and do those Kegels.

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Images ( & some actual sensible tips on Kegels) from Daisy Chain Maternity

I know I’m socially dysfunctional

It’s Thursday so I’m playing along with Yay for Home except this week my “I know” post is more “things I want to know”.

I want to know…When did I become so socially inept?

I know I’m an extrovert by nature.

I know talking is what I do best.

I know I’ve never been part of the in-crowd per say, but I’ve always had plenty of friends, felt confident and comfortable in groups and managed to strike up conversations with randoms fairly easily.

I know something has changed. I can never say the right thing anymore. I get tongue-tied and things never come out the way I intend. All to frequently I find myself saying completely inappropriate stuff (especially at work) and am constantly apologising for my social ineptitude and looking for the closest rock to crawl under.


I know I’ve become the epitome of the social faux pas.

I know I suffer a constant case of “Mouth is open, should be closed”

I know the excuse of baby-brain is getting old. Sleep deprivation is no doubt a contributor, but these days to a lesser degree. So why am I so socially impaired? It’s getting to the point I want to avoid social situations. I feel anxious at the very prospect of interacting with people on anything more than a superficial level. Even family.

I know I must resist the temptation to become a hermit and only communicate with the outside world through social media, where I can consider and proofread my interactions before putting them out there.

I know this is the reason I’m drawn to blogging –  it’s one of the few social arenas where I can excercise any sort of filter. Draft, read, edit, reread, re-edit, reread, publish!!

What I really want to know is, has the process of having children killed off half my brain cells? Surely this can’t be the sole cause of my fall from the step stool of social grace, on which I was once precariously perched? Perhaps it is further evidence of the evil ‘D’ word about which I remain firmly in denial (someday I will muster the courage to post about it).

I want to know if I’ll ever be socially confident again…

Do you suffer from social anxiety? If so, how do you deal with it?

I know older is not necessarily wiser

I know that this week  I’m definitely older, but not necessarily wiser. Here’s what I do know for sure this week:

I know that turning 31 is much harder than turning 30. There is no claiming association with the twenty-somethings now.

I know that deep, deep down, I’m ok with that.

I know around this time last year I jumped out of a perfectly good plane at 14 000 feet. It’s easy peasy, you just …

I know it was freakin’ awesome and I can’t wait to do it again. Next time I’ll be making The Man jump too.

I know my favourite birthday-day ritual is spending the whole day with my bestie doing something we love. This year was no exception and it was a lovely interlude in the week that was.

I know that Tuesday’s visit to the children’s hospital ED with Bam Bam aged me more than 100 birthdays ever could. It was asthma related. He is doing fine. I am still  a complete train wreck  recovering.

I know I wouldn’t have been able to successfully keep a ‘roided up feral toddler confined to a hospital bed for 5 hours without the help of my iPhone & it’s repertoire of apps.  So grateful for modern parenting crutches!

I know we are very lucky to have made it 5 years into this parenting gig without out a hospital visit before now. Very lucky indeed. 

I know I’m so happy that Spring has sprung (even though I am no longer young!) because hopefully it will bring an end to our run of illness for a few months. Or at least put the brakes on a little.

Linking up with Yay for Home’s Things I Know.

What do you know this week? And tell me, would you ever jump out of a plane?

I know I’ll never get in a quickie

Shower that is. I know for a fact that there are not many quick showers happening in my world.

You see I have the misfortune of always being the last through the shower in the evening.  Regardless of my intentions, every shower I have ends up being a 30 minute foray into the land of lost socks and waterlogged bath toys.

Not this type of waterlogged bath toy.

Especially on weekdays, I know I won’t get to the shower until after the mad rush of getting the kids in the door, bathed, fed and put to bed.

And when I get there I know this is how it will all pan out:

  • Me: “I’m off for a quick shower.”   
  • The Man: “Yeah, right.”
  • Enter bathroom.
  • Pick up The Man’s work clothes from floor and deposit them in his clothes basket in the laundry (yes it’s been guaranteed – with very good reason).
  • Return to bathroom.
  • Pick up children’s clothes from floor.
  • Empty pockets of sand, tissues, bits of rock and matchbox cars.
  • Look for one missing toddler-sized sock.
  • Clip all socks together with Sockodiles (amazing sanity saver).
  • Walk to kitchen to retrieve dustbuster to suck up an entire sandpit from the bathroom floor. 
  • Return dustbuster to charger. 
  • Go back to bathroom.  
  • Clean up the toothpaste explosion in bathroom sink.
  • Empty and disinfect potty.
  • Empty bathtub of waterlogged bath toys and deposit them in the now-sparkling sink to drain.
  • Hang up non-slip shower mats. 
  • HAVE MY FREAKING SHOWER!!   If I’m lucky there might even be some hot water left. Heaven forbid that I may want to shave my legs or wash my hair.
  • Empty sink of now drained bath toys and return them to their homes.
  • Take a load of soaking towels and face washers to the laundry.
  • Flop on the couch.
  • The Man: “What’s taken you so long? You’ve been faffing around for ages!”
Piccsy :: picc

What's really in my shower!

Argh!  I know I can’t be the only woman to live out this frustrating shower saga EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. 

Please tell me if you share my pain!!

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