Puppy vs Toddler


I’ve been feeling a tad clucky lately. I blame TV. We were watching my fave show Bones the other night and the main character is pregnant. Not sure if it was the baby references or the thought of me her having Booth’s baby that got me all weak at the knees.


Dan is adamant there will be no more babies and was under the impression that the recent addition of our puppy would be sufficient to temper any procreational urges I may have. In fact, he went so far as to say that he would prefer to have EIGHT puppies before any more offspring.

Which kinda got me thinking. Puppies and babies/toddlers really do have a lot in common. I mean, apart from the obvious vulnerability and need for love, shelter, yadayada, there’s also the common elements of destructive tendencies, toilet training, boundary testing and a knack for being easily distracted by bright shiny things.

However, if one was to truly look at the pros and cons of having puppies versus small humans, puppies are sure to win hands down every time. For instance:

  • You can lock puppies outside when the pee on your carpet.
  • No one will ever ask if your puppy was breastfed, co-slept, had a dummy or used cloth nappies.
  • People get funny about children on leashes. Even purpose built child leashes get frowned upon by some.
  • You can smack a puppy on the nose with a newspaper if they bite you without the risk of the neighbours calling DoCS.
  • A running chain is a socially acceptable option for puppies.
  • A “beware of the toddler” sign is not as effective at scaring unwelcome visitors away.
  • A puppy will never ask to borrow the car when its older.
  • You can desex a puppy and let it roam the streets knowing you won’t become a grandmother before your time.

And of course, the most appealing thing about puppies in my books, this is always an option if you are desperate:

So what say you? Puppy or toddler?








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Toilet training trials and tribulations


Toilet training has to be one of the most trying periods for parents of small children (in excellent company with sleep deprivation, breast feeding and teething, just to name a few).

Bam Bam is currently 32 months old. We have been toilet training for months and we have reached a stalemate. He knows what to do. He knows when to do it. He just isn’t interested in doing it on someone else’s terms.

As with many things, I thought toilet training would be easier with the second child. As with many things relating to the second child, I was dead wrong.

Bam Bam constantly forces me to reevaluate what I think I know about parenting.

Here are some things I know about toilet training from experiences past and present:

I know toilet training a child who responds to bribes rewards (The Wilful One) is much easier than training one that doesn’t (guess who).

I know that sometimes the most menial things can push you to the brink.

I know that a correctly deposited #2 is worthy of celebrations of epic proportions.

I know I have reserves of patience I never knew existed.

I know creative negotiation is a lot more effective than demands or threats but can be much harder to initiate.

I know my reluctance to deal with a few days weeks months period of puddles on the floor perpetuates the use of pull ups as an “easy option” for both of us.

I know I need to bite the bullet and face the puddles.

I know he’ll do it “when he’s ready”.

I know that it will be before he’s 18, even though it doesn’t feel like it some days.

I know this too shall pass.

What do you know about toilet training? Any tips for a hard case?

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Née xx

Née Say: They Say

I wrote this post a month ago & thought I should post it before a new year ticks over.

I’ve mentioned before how slack I have been with baby books etc. One thing I wish I’d captured more is the funny things my boys say.

I know the whole “kids say the darndest things” caper doesn’t make for a very interesting post but please indulge me (or click away) while I jot down a couple of lines for prosperity.

Will (5yr)

“I wish I could do all the hard work for you mum, so you could relax and just have a lazy day” (I’m sure you can appreciate why I needed to immortalise this one!)

“I’m never having kids incase they turn out hilarious like us!” (I think he means to say horrendous)

“But why?” (repeat 10 times for full effect)

Bam Bam (2yrs 7mnths) All of these can be repeated LOUDLY numerous times for realistic re-enactment.

“Waz that?”

“I no like it!”

“Yet now?”

“No way, Ho-zed!”

“No pleeping, mummy”

“No pwease, fank ooo”

And my fave:
“wuv ooo”

You’ll notice with Bam Bam, there is a very strong theme – “No”!

My boys are growing up so quickly so please excuse my little sentimental reflection.

Did you record things your kids said when they were little?

Née xx

Nocturnal Activity: Living with Night Terrors

There are many things that keep me up at night (reading, writing, twitter, the cat) but none more so than Bam Bam.

Until recently it was predominantly due to night terrors.

We have lived through night terrors before but the Wilful One grew out of them quickly. Bam Bam’s have gone on for a much longer period of time. In general, his episodes have been longer and more violent. The onset of asthma also added a scary new dimension when he was unwell.

Most nights between 9.30pm-11.30pm the beginning of an episode would be signified by a high-pitched wail and a thump as he kicked the wall. He would cry and toss around for 5-15minutes (on a few occasions much longer) before either stopping suddenly and going back to sleep or waking with a coughing fit.

At times his thrashing around was quite scary, like something out of Paranormal Activity. It was a shock to us as the Wilful One only ever sat bolt upright in bed and cried.

There are lots of great resources on the net about night terrors and sleep disorders which helped us a lot. Experts claim it can be more distressing for the child if u try to wake them, as they normally have no recollection of what occurs. However, occasionally we had no option as he was in very real danger of hurting himself and sometimes us.

Sometimes a cold drink of water snapped him out of it and he immediately went back to sleep. Other times any physical contact at all made it worse.

Causes and triggers for night terrors are thought to include over tiredness, stress and illness, all of which is very consistent with our experience. I would also be inclined to add sugar overload to the list of suspects, although my guys do not eat many lollies or sugary drinks unless at a party so at times when I’m blaming the sugar it could be due to being over tired/over stimulated.

Night terrors have also been linked to other genetic sleeping disorders like teeth grinding, sleep walking, sleep paralysis and chronic snoring. All of which The Man suffers from to varying degrees. With a strong likelihood that the boys will follow in his sleepy footsteps, it’s rather lucky I’m a light sleeper.  Well lucky for them, perhaps not so much for me!

Fortunately, Bam Bam seems to have grown out of his night terrors in the last month *touch wood*.  He has graduated to waking and demanding various things – water, this teddy, that pillow, stay, go or a very adamant “No more plee-ping now!” which is very cute but rather frustrating at 1am.

I fear he’s gone from having night terrors to being a night terror!

Have your children suffered night terrors? I’d love to hear about your experience. 

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Grateful for Shrek, raisin toast, coffee & impromptu plans

I’ve just looked at the title of this post and it’s a bit cumbersome.  “Grateful for weekends” probably would have covered it, but here’s why it is what it is:

Grateful for Shrek:  Overall, grateful for the square babysitter really, but Bam Bam’s newfound love of Shrek is giving me some much needed respite from bloody Dora. Plus, Shrek has a very groovy soundtrack and when he gets bored with watching number 1 (over & over & over again) we can always move on to the sequels.

My little ogre & puss (sans boots)

Grateful for raisin toast & coffee: Enough said really.

Grateful for impromptu plans: I’ve just received a text informing me of a devious plan conjured by The Man to ensure his attendance this afternoon at the boating & marine expo (or some such thing). I’m required to provide return transfer services. However, said plan also involves a sweet payoff – a long overdue BBQ with friends.  Superb excuse to ditch the evening routine & embrace the weekend.  Very grateful for the hospitality (& flexibility) of wonderful friends.

What are your plans for the weekend?

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It’s all fun and games: a letter to my boys

To my dearest boys,

When will you learn that it is all fun and games until someone…

  • gets punched in the stomach
  • headbutts the brick fireplace
  • gets hit in the face with a metal train
  • face plants the tiles
  • gets whacked in the boy bits

Yes, all of these things sound familiar because they have already happened and more.

I understand you are boys. I know you like playing rough.  I will even go so far as to say I vaguely understand how it is beneficial to your manchild development by building resilience and other important… stuff.

However, I am here to tell you that I am not a referee. Nor am I one of those trainer types who runs onto the field to staple someone’s eyebrow back together. (Although for a while there I did fancy being a team physio so I could massage torn hamstrings for the likes of Dan Carter. Your father’s torn calf muscle earlier this year cured me of all such delusions).

The long and short of it is, at the moment you are both small and the tussles you have are mostly play. They resemble WWE Wrestling – big and showy but no one takes them seriously.  

However, I know there will come a time when these little skirmishes will become more testosterone-infused and we will have an all out brouhaha on our hands.  Things will get broken and there will be serious injuries. This is not an appealing prospect for me.

So my darling boys, please remember: 

It’s all fun and games until your mother has to turn the hose on you.

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Mothering My Way: Perfectly Imperfect


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my mothering skills lately. I’ve drafted so many half-posts and never felt it was the right time to publish them.

When Kate @ Picklebums put a call out for declarations of being  perfectly imperfect, I felt it was the perfect opportunity to reflect on a whole gamut of feelings I have about the issue. So here’s an acknowledgement of some of my major imperfections as a mother (and a human):

  1. I can be very impatient
  2. I have very low tolerance for repetition & excessive noise (both occupational hazards of parenting under 5’s)
  3. I yell too much & sometimes smack
  4. I don’t always model the behaviours I expect from my children
  5. I don’t do a lot of craft or structured activities with the kids at home
  6. I sometimes lose it – big time

Being a heart-on-my-sleeve type of person, I find it difficult (and think it’s unrealistic) to hide my emotions from my children.

I do say sorry a lot and tell them they are loved always.

In light of all my mothering deficits, I’m constantly amazed that my children are :

  • Loyal, loving & affectionate
  • Empathetic & caring
  • Polite & respectful
  • Full of imagination & independence

It would seem I have really good kids. Their teachers have remarked to me on a number of occasions what wonderful little men they are and how they wish they had more in the centre like them.

Now, I’m not sure how much of that is nature and how much is nurture, but surely I can take some credit?


No matter how much I beat myself up about my flaws, my children will always the benchmark for my mothering. They can bring out my very worst but they also push me to strive to be a better me. A more patient, tolerant and fun me.

I may be an imperfect mother, but if my children are the measure, then I am perfectly so.


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Wordless Wednesday

My father-in-law has just bought a boat. Miami Vice style.

Something tells me he will have a little competition for the title “Captain”

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Wordless Wednesday

It’s hard to hang washing when your pegs have been hi-jacked.

Or would that be peg-jacked??

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Things I know this week

I know Friday’s the day I link up with Shae from Yay for Home !

I know I didn’t cope as well as I expected for the 5 days The Man was away. Usually life is easier with one less male around. Not this time!

I know at times I was a bit unreasonable with the kids. I hope the visage of screaming-banshee-mother is not permanently imprinted on their psyche.

I know my diet went out the window. I wish there was a pill you could pop for stress-eating. One for motivation & self-control would be good, too.

I know I’m hopelessly in love with the beautiful scarf the divine Lou Lou brought back from Paris for me.

I know the boys are loving their Paris tee’s and Harrods bears, too. Spoilt!

I know I’m irrationally nervous about the Wilful One’s Prep interview next Tuesday. Especially since it’s for a school that I’m hoping we don’t have to send him to.

I know toilet training Bam Bam is every bit as painful as I anticipated it to be. That kid has no respect for hygiene.

I know I’m so glad to be on holidays!!!

I know I’m feeling pretty darn virtuous for planning out my 5 weeks of holidays and scheduling all my to-do’s. I’ve scheduled long overdue catch ups, assigned weeks for household de-cluttering tasks and listed all the odd jobs I need to do. I’ve even allocated days for writing blog posts!

I know I needed to do this otherwise I run the risk of spending 5 weeks sitting front of the computer in my PJ’s as a result of  feeling completely overwhelmed by all the things I want to achieve and the Procrastination Gene will kick in big time. And that is NOT going to happen!

Do you need to organise yourself with schedules and lists like me?