Grateful for Shrek, raisin toast, coffee & impromptu plans

I’ve just looked at the title of this post and it’s a bit cumbersome.  “Grateful for weekends” probably would have covered it, but here’s why it is what it is:

Grateful for Shrek:  Overall, grateful for the square babysitter really, but Bam Bam’s newfound love of Shrek is giving me some much needed respite from bloody Dora. Plus, Shrek has a very groovy soundtrack and when he gets bored with watching number 1 (over & over & over again) we can always move on to the sequels.

My little ogre & puss (sans boots)

Grateful for raisin toast & coffee: Enough said really.

Grateful for impromptu plans: I’ve just received a text informing me of a devious plan conjured by The Man to ensure his attendance this afternoon at the boating & marine expo (or some such thing). I’m required to provide return transfer services. However, said plan also involves a sweet payoff – a long overdue BBQ with friends.  Superb excuse to ditch the evening routine & embrace the weekend.  Very grateful for the hospitality (& flexibility) of wonderful friends.

What are your plans for the weekend?

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