Wonderful Weekend: Christmas Cooking

So far we have been without a landline or ADSL connection for 6 days. Don’t get me started on Telstra, but please forgive any glaring errors in this post as I’m working on my iPhone and auto correct hates me.

Apart from yelling at call centre staff, this weekend has been consumed with Christmas cooking. Yesterday we tried out The Man’s new cake box and baked our very first Christmas cake.

A few people asked why my family use a wooden box instead of a cake tin. I’ve ascertained it is to retain moisture in the cake while it cooks slowly over a long period (4hrs). It’s a big cake!

The boys had lots of fun helping and I’m really excited about this new/old tradition for us as a little family.

The secret recipe.


The fruit soaked in rum for 3 days – smelt divine!


Stirring… as usual.


Into the box it goes. Yes, The Man is wearing a Winnie-the-Pooh apron. Yes, it was under duress (kinda ;P)


The final product!!


It’s a bit crumbly but very yummy and awesome for our first attempt. We are pretty chuffed with the results.

Speaking of chuffed, on Friday I baked Christmas Tree Brownies for the boys’ kindy party which were a huge hit.


Yesterday I also whipped up a variation of this white rocky road recipe to go with some cherry ripe fudge inspired by Clare at The Home She Made, which I’ll be making today. These will go into jars for the boys’ teachers as a Christmas gift.

So as you can see I’ve been quite the little festive chef this weekend. It’s a real shame I’m not as organised for Christmas day itself!!

What’s your favourite Christmas recipe?

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Née xx


Wonderful Weekend: The best laid plans mean nothing when you have kids

This weekend has been long anticipated.  We were to be hosting our first ever sleepover and the boys were super excited. The menu was planned, games were at the ready, DS’ were charged (in anticipation of inclement weather) and sleeping paraphernalia for an indoor campout procured.

Then on the eve of the Big Event it happened. A text arrived saying that our pint-sized guest had fallen at school and broken his arm.

The boys took it surprisingly well. The Wilful One, not to be out done in the attention stakes, had suddenly developed a very nasty itchy rash and the doctor’s trip distracted him. Thankfully it turned out to not be chicken pox! In any case, the blow was softened by a visit by our intended guest on Sunday morning so that the promised banana pancake breakfast could be consumed.

The most wonderful part being that breakfast was prepared by The Man (who I think may have been subconsciously making up for  “opting out” of the first half of the weekend & literally going fishing!) which meant I could sit back with a coffee and chat with my BFF. Bliss!

So, our sleepover will have to be rescheduled, but that’s ok. I’m well aware that the best laid plans mean nothing when you have kids!

What age did your kids start having sleepovers with friends?

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