Stop stressing me out!

This is one of those posts that I didn’t intend to write. I had something else drafted for today but feel the need to ventilate… ahh the beauty of the blog.

I’m feeling deeply frustrated by the dawning realisation that much of the stress in my life is brought about by other people.

I’ve written about my control issues in the past and the actions (or inactions) of other people are definitely out of my control.

I can not control other people’s expectations.

I can not control other people’s perceptions or reactions.

I can not instill in other people values or behaviours that I believe to be more appropriate and effective than their default modus operandi.

I CAN control my expectations, perceptions, reactions and behaviours.  Yet even though I can openly acknowledge these facts, still, so much of my energy goes into worrying about those “other people”.

Please excuse these ramblings of a frustrated soul. I vowed to give up worrying this year…

I just wish I knew how.

Do you waste energy stressing about other people? If not, please tell me you do it!!

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