Confessions of a Shopaholic: The Melbourne Edition


I’m sad to report my shopping trip to Melbourne is over. I’m happy to report a fabulous time was had. We well and truly shopped til we dropped, and then shopped some more.

After nearly three full days of frantic shopping, we felt like this:


And at the end had to do a fair amount of this:


Even to the point of buying extra luggage!

One day we did an organised shopping tour, which is not an exercise for the faint hearted or the indecisive shopper. A full day of outlet shopping, often competing with up to 6 coach loads of crazed bargain-hungry women for the same heavily discounted shoe or lip gloss. It was chaotic, rushed and not conducive to our style of shopping but nevertheless, a fun experience and much cash was spent!!

A second day was dedicated to markets. The pace was a little more leisurely but still very exhausting with lots of walking and trekking across the city.

Our last day was spent in Bridge Rd, Richmond, where our best clothes bargains were found. Unfortunately, we were almost shopped out at this point and did not cover much ground.

We also managed to sneak in a little culture as well, with a trip to the Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs  which was amazing.

Despite all this mad shopping, I failed to get many items on my clothing wish list. I came home with far too many goodies for the men folk plus a few clothes and some big ticket items for me (a new leather jacket, some cute shoes from Tony Bianco & Diana Ferrari and my fave:  a gorgeous little red leather backpack).

On our adventure I learnt a few little lessons along the way:

  • Infuriating, incompetent concierges can drive you to start sprouting rather Dr Suess-esque rants “Oh, dear Brad, it is quite sad, that you make us so very mad. Bad Brad, BAD!!”
  • Shopping til blood comes out of your shoes is actually possible, but not advisable.
  • The best travelling companion is someone who can read your mind and finish your sentences, especially when you are too exhausted to be articulate.
  • Sometimes you need to resist the urge to be courteous to strangers when making your way through a crowd. Case in point: frenzied shopping tours and the last call for boarding your flight
  • After being solely inhabited by boys for four days, a house smells very much like… boy.
  • Shopping til you drop is admirable, but not the most relaxing way to spend a kid-free, man-free holiday.

Next year (yes, we are already planning) we’ve decided to dedicate ONE day to shopping in Bridge Road, perhaps half a day to markets and the rest of the time will be spent enjoying the lovely city of Melbourne. Or Sydney. Or…

Where’s your favourite place to shop? Would you prefer a shopping holiday or a relaxing holiday?

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Ooh! That’s Pinterest…ing!

So, I have a new online addiction – Pinterest. I place the blame squarely with Tina Gray {dot} Me for making it look so darn enticing! It is therefore her fault that I’ve been pinning this morning instead of doing the online grocery shop.

My current inspiration is my upcoming Melbourne shopping trip. Here’s a few things on my wish list:

Love this floral maxi skirt…

via Pinterest

…and I’m going to attempt to pull off a maxi dress – even though I suspect I’m too short & round!

via Pinterest

I’m a little obsessed with coral at the moment.

via Pinterest

And I love everything here. Definitely need some strappy sandals.

via Pinterest

Actually, I think I might just use this as my shopping list…

via Pinterest

Are there any must visit shopping locations in Melbourne you recommend?? What would be on your list?

Things I Know


It’s been chaos and mayhem as usual for the menagerie and me of late. Here are a bunch of random things I know this week:

I know that a sure-fire way to guarantee a Mt Vesuvius size eruption on your face is to be the facilitator for a training workshop involving a dozen or so buff police officers.


Was very tempted to wear one of these - with a top on as well of course.

I know that the two separate Garnier packs I scored from Brand Meets Blog and Good Googs  this week will help me banish (or at least conceal) aforementioned pimple and reduce future embarrassment.

I know the only way to get my kids to sleep-in is the necessity to be somewhere early.

I know that nothing is going to give me grey hairs quicker than the night terror/asthma attack combo Bam Bam is running at the moment.

I know we desperately need an asthma management plan.

I know I must avoid the temptation for us to live off chicken nuggets and Vegemite toast for 5 days while The Man is in Sydney over the weekend. He is usually my nutritional conscience. Must lose weight!

I know I’m one more week closer to holidays and Melbourne!!!

I know I need to write some lists (oh how I love lists) of all the jobs I need to get done around here while on holidays and, more importantly, of what shopping I need to do.

I know I need to do some serious research via Fox in Flats and Styling You so I can make some fashion savvy purchases rather than my standard “jeans & tee” uniform.

I know I’m very excited to have won free blog hosting through Little Hero Hosting and I foresee some exciting things in the future for my humble little blog.  Watch this space!  Literally… please?

What do you know this week??

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I know I WILL lose weight

I’m going to Melbourne in three weeks time. I’m going on a shopping tour and I’m supposed to be at least 5kg less than I am now. Or at least that was the plan 6 months ago.

The plan before I fell head long into a love affair with red wine and chocolate (ok, chocolate and I have a bit of history).

Ironically, my maiden voyage into blogging was actually based on losing weight.  Weighting for a Miracle was going to be my saviour. I would be accountable to the world wide web. I would report my successes. I would have a hoard of supporters cheering me on.  What actually eventuated was a farcical tale of broken scales and very little progress. I ended the embarrassment after 17 weeks. 

My latest attempt will be different. I will try not torture you with tales of my progress (or lack there of) because obviously accountability doesn’t work with me. There will be no false promises of exercise programs. Most definitely no shakes or pills. I know that the magic formula for my weight loss is ludicrously simple.


So now you know what I know. I will lose weight before Melbourne. And in the event that I don’t… well, the beauty of blogging is that if I fail miserably, most of you will never know 😉

What weight loss formula works for you?

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